Experience Team

The Experience Team

The Experience Team is here to co-create unforgettable experiences with you for your audiences –whoever they are. These touch points can be as involved as a multi-day activation or as small and critical as a focused brainstorming session with stakeholders. Our superpowers lie in supercharging your team’s engagements, especially when they hit roadblocks. With our backgrounds in theater design and production, content development, video production, stage and creative direction, as well as facilitation and team-building, we sweat the details to help you exceed your goals. We aim for WOW moments, big and small.


Our Approach

We use an audience-centered, holistic approach that focuses on making the university’s extraordinary value tangible, shareable and memorable while respecting your budget, timeline, and your team dynamics.

We'll work with you through investigation, strategy, design, content development and coaching, logistics, technology, and production –or just those spots where you have gaps. We are here to help you deepen the connection with your audiences, create the extraordinary together, and leave you with useful toolkits for future endeavors.

In order to meet your audiences where they are, we can help with these experiential strengths:

Experiential Strategy

  • Visioning
  • Goal Mapping/Setting
  • Audience Journey Mapping
  • Purpose Team Building
  • Facilitating
  • Team Clarity/Communication

Content Development/Production

  • Concepting
  • Storyboarding
  • Script Writing
  • Creative Direction
  • Producing
  • Production Management
  • Talent management

Event Production

  • Event Design
  • Renderings and Drawings
  • Scenic Design
  • Production Management
  • Show Producing
  • Show Flow/ Direction
  • Vendor Management


  • Budgeting
  • Spec’ing
  • Bids Quotes
  • Establishing Timelines


Meet the Team

The Arizona Experience Team is comprised of creative innovators and producers who specialize in creating flexible, dynamic, and personalized shared moments that place the audience at the heart of your story. We collaborate with campus units and leaders to create purpose-built teams that design, ideate, and develop solutions large and small, intensifying existing relationships and welcoming new audiences into the Arizona brand.

If you have questions, please reach out to us at experience@arizona.edu

Misha headshot

Misha Harrison
Executive Director, Experience

Joe Klug headshot

Joe Klug
Assistant Director, Experience